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dropandgiveme50's Journal

Creative Calisthenics
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The Rules

Dropandgiveme50 is a writing community based around the Words of the Day that are posted on dictionary and reference sites.

The concept is as follows: take today's Word of the Day and write 50 words using, or inspired by the word. You may write poetry, prose, fact or fiction. You may post found text, lists, ideas, spells, thoughts, experimental wordsalad or whatever. The important thing is that it meets your needs as a writer.

As a general rule,
dropandgiveme50 uses Dictionary.com's word of the day , but others (like Merriam-Webster's) are also acceptable. You may post more than one word-of-the-day a day, if you need to.

The Process

Step 1: Post today's word of the day to the community. This is a reminder to all the community members of today's task. cleanskies (moderator) will always try to post it, but she almost certainly lives outside your timezone, so if you want to do your writing exercise and the word of the day isn't there yet, please feel free to post it yourself.

Step 2: Post your 50-word (or thereabouts) response as a comment to today's post.

Step 3: Comments on other people's responses are always welcome.

Please do not use this community for any other purpose, eg. to ask for homework help, promote your own community, or post photographs. Inappropriate posts will be deleted.

Any users posting spam in this community will have their message deleted and will be reported.

This community was founded by birdofparadox. Here is birdofparadox's original rules and message.

Drop & Give Me 50 is a writing exercise, how stringent of a writing exercise is really up to you. The original idea was to make myself write on a regular basis: fifty words, no more, no less, using Dictionary.com's Word of the Day. The exercise, to me, has enough form to keep me focused and potent, but it's also not overly involved to the point of off-putting. Don't be afraid to write crap! I do, and frequently post it, anyway. Keep writing. THAT is the important part.

I'm not a form-fascist... if you're a bit short, or a little over 50 words, no one's going to complain.. The main goal is to get our creative blood flowing, and exercise our minds.